223 Remington [5.56x45mm] 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo | 20 Round Box

223 Remington [5.56x45mm] 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo | 20 Round Box
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$13.99 G22355FMJBX

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Now even better performance! With an all brass case and an all copper jacket, WOLF GOLD is the choice for high volume shooters on a budget. Available in the most popular calibers, the WOLF GOLD line makes for a great day at the range/field.



223 Remington [5.56x45mm]

  • Wolf's GOLD line of ammo contains no steel anywhere and the jacket is an all copper jacket. The casing is BRASS and is loaded with a reloadable boxer primer.
  • WOLF ammunition is an excellent choice for high volume target or plate competitions where consistency, accuracy and reliability are needed shot after shot.
  • WOLF ammunition is 100% Wolf Centerfire Rifle       Ammunition is available in Standard Military FMJ [Full Metal Jacket] and HP [Hollow Point]





Bullet Type

FMJ [Full Metal Jacket]

Case Type









WOLF ammunition is backed by a 100% PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE

WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, including and freight charges.


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223 Remington [5.56x45mm] 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo | 20 Round Box
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223 Remington [5.56x45mm] 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo | 20 Round Box
Better than I thought
I bought 1000 rounds, took it to an Appleseed shoot event and passed the AQT with 225 points out of 250 points. Had no Fail-to-fire, shot groups under 1".